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Termites also known as white ants eat polysaccharide (cellulose) – the complicated sugars that plants use to make leaves, stems and trunks. Polysaccharide or rather cellulose is the most common chemical compound on earth. Typically, termites search out wood and different polysaccharide sources, in doing so the termites usually construct termite sized highways underneath the soil that may radiate well over fifty meters from their nests and usually within 150mm from the ground surface.

Outside of our homes, termites play an essential role as carbon recyclers and cornerstone species in several tropical ecosystems, like savannah habitats like those of northern Australia, continent and South America. They use nutrient-rich secretion and gut excretions to make tunnels, that improves the standard of the soil. It has also been proven Termites increase crop yields.

Does your Home need a Termite Barrier

In Australia billions of dollars is spent every year on termite control and termite protection. House-eating termites are only a few in species, unfortunately though are found throughout the continent. Whereas the less evasive termites’ number are over three hundred in species of termites, there are only a few of these termites thought about as pests that require pest control type termite treatments or termite barriers.

The good news is that termites can be deterred or even eradicated with termite barriers by using termiticides and by replacement broken wood with treated timber (cut treated timber must also be treated at the cut).

Their remarkable social organization is additionally their Achilles heel. Termite baits contain slow-acting chemicals that can stop termites from molting or disrupt their nervous systems. The termite workers class voraciously go after the bait and take it back to the colony, whereas the poison is passed to the queen, king and their new offspring effectively eliminating the termite colony, which offers a termite treatment with a far lower chemical footprint in which collectively the colony is exterminated. Termites have been around aeons and they will be here for aeons to come.

Buzzkill can help with termite protection

Buzzkill can help to identify and treat termites while offering a tailored termite protection package that can be warrantied for up to eight years, depending on the termite barrier or termite baiting protection plan.

For an obligation free quote on termite protection please call Buzzkill and speak directly to a termite specialist experienced in termite protection and detection. We have John Herbert who has a collective of three generations of pest control experience which he has passed on to Mathew Herbert his eldest son who can proudly boast fourth generations in the pest control industry

John Herbert ph: 0478916611

Matthew Herbert ph: 0468648472

Buzzkill recommends and uses Termidor for chemical barriers and Sentricon always active for bait system

Why use Termidor – $2 million says you’re safe at BASF We don’t just claim Termidor works. the most trusted brand in termite control with well over a decade of proven results and with the Termidor Assurance Warranty of $2 million.

Why Buzzkill use Sentricon always active for Termite treatment and protection – Sentricon Always Active is the future of termite management; what homeowners and pest control have always thought a termite bait should be. It’s not just a termite bait or timber in a tin! Sentricon Always Active is active from installation, Sentricon does not contain a bait but a revolutionary termiticide rod which can last up to five years.

We are Brisbane’s Termite specialists with third and fourth generation termite protection specialist that offer you the right advice with the peace of mind knowing that you are in the professional hands of a competent termite specialist. Termite prevention, termite treatment and termite inspections are always done right first time so if you have a termite problem, we can solve it FAST…If you think you have found termites please don’t disturb them, call Buzzkill now for professional advice. For Termite protection in Brisbane Call our 24 Hour Termite Hotline and talk directly to a termite expert: Call John 0478916611 or Matthew 0468648472

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Buzzkill the Pest Exterminators pride ourselves on consistent quality, great service and three generations of Termite treatment experience. We boast a track record of 100% success in Termite Protection in homes throughout Brisbane from termites with our termite treatments. Not in Brisbane, no problem we offer our Termite Treatment and Termite Inspection services to Brisbane and surrounds.


Termite Inspection Brisbane

Termite inspections are the most important part of any termite management or part of any termite treatment program for termite control. Buzzkills’ termite inspection service is sure to impress, as we take the time to do it right. Every home that has a Buzzkill termite inspection is inspected and treated as our own “We know your home is just as important to you”. If you have physical termite barriers installed when your house was built, this does not mean they can’t or won’t attack your home as most physical termite barriers are designed to try to force termites into a visual area. Termites are extremely destructive and can be very costly to the unsuspecting home owner. A termite inspection should be carried out a minimum of once a year by a professional, insured and accredited pest control technician. Termite protection is not guaranteed from an inspection, however can assist in early termite detection before extensive damage is done. If required Buzzkills termite treatment is second to none. If you have found termites in your home please do not disturb them, call your Buzzkill Termite professional first.

All of our Technicians are highly trained 3rd and 4th generation pest control professionals and fully accredited Termidor installers. Buzzkill pest control are experts in Pest Control, termite treatment, termite protection and termite inspections.

Termite protection with Termidor® $2 Million Warranty

Termidor is the best performer on the market, it ticks all the boxes in relation to performance, longevity and safety. We don’t use cheaper inferior copies.
You will find all of our termite inspectors are fully accredited Termidor installers through BASF Accredited Training Program.

Buzz Kill – the Pest exterminators are:

  1. BSA licensed –No-1251578
  2. Public Health – Licensed No-2003246712
  3. Full Professional & Public liability insurance – Wymark policy No 09A339381PLB
  4. Insurance accredited-No-6170

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